Breast augmentation is powerful for many women, is safe, and can be adjusted for the size and shape you prefer.  At Feel Beautiful, we use implants not just to enlarge the breasts, but to beautify them, so we prefer the term “enhancement” over “augmentation.”  Feminine, sensuous breasts are identified by proportion with your body, but also by shapes, relationships, alluring contours, the nipple-areola, and other features.

Dr. Laverson specializes in natural augmentation, a one or two cup size enlargement, and in restoring youthful fullness after post-partum (pregnancy related) deflation of the breasts. You’ll try on implant sizes and styles in the office, and choose what’s best for you before your procedure. We don’t believe in the doctor choosing your implants, although Dr. Laverson provides the information you need to select what you want.  Your procedure is planned for your unique situation, to accommodate your preferences and lifestyle.