(Labia Shortening, Shaping, Reduction)

Inner labial folds of sensitive skin protect your delicate central femininity: your clitoris, your urethral opening, and your vaginal opening (introitus).

Extra labial length and bulk beyond what is needed for protection becomes a distraction, uncomfortable, or unsightly, and may be removed. Changes in dimension, proportion, and appearance of the labia and other vulvar features are desired for individual situations. Discomfort, potential visibility, difficult hygiene, and confident sexuality are commonly offered justification for reduction of disproportionately large labia and other genital skin folds.

Excessive labial skin, long folds, marked asymmetry between right and left sides, a thickly covered clitoris, and other external issues may be examined, considered, and a personalized labiaplasty plan developed for your desired comfort and appearance.  Size of labial folds may be reduced, labial structures and edges re-shaped, and pigmentation adjusted to trim elements that have been uncomfortable, cumbersome, or objectionable.  Labiaplasty is an office procedure, performed under local anesthesia, with your participation and understanding of the precise changes.  Labiaplasty may improve sexual experience if your appearance and/or other features of anatomy have been detracting from your confidence or capacity for genital stimulation.