“Such a comfortable and pleasing treatment with absolutely no complications. Immediately I felt my labia and vulva to be tighter, a lot less saggy, and a definite “WOW!” in the way it looked. So much more moisture and less irritation in my jeans and softer and smoother skin. Funny how a simple treatment can give so much confidence.

After the treatment I definitely felt tighter inside vagina, was able to have more muscle control and did not leak urine anymore! I used to sit down and pee andthen dribbled down my legs when I stood up. My muscle control was not good. That all went away immediately after the ThermiVa treatment! I did not have to wait two weeks for this effect. I could now stop and start my urine flow as I wished! It was really amazing to do that again after so many years of no control.

I am so relieved that now I have something I know can help me with my personal and intimate needs. This is definitely a life changer that needs to get out to the word… I will see you again soon.”
-Patient AL2

“The treatments have really been wonderful and quite easy. I had no blisters, no burns, no discharge, and not a single complication. I had sex the same day of my treatments and I went to my gym immediately and it’s as if no procedure had been done. It’s crazy!
All I felt was pleasing warmth on labia and my vagina. Putting a tampon inside was probably more uncomfortable than using your device. Your device was smooth and rounded and not scary at all.The first treatment definitely got me tighter and my husband and I loved it. It wasn’t immediate for me and it took me two weeks before I felt significantly tighter. I got tighter more after the second treatment then even tighter after the third treatment. For sure I can feel my husband more and I’m definitely tighter.
I couldn’t have multiple orgasms in the past, now I’m able to have multiple orgasms for the first time in my life. I have more sensitivity. I’d pay for this procedure over and over and over!”
-Patient AL5

“First of all, ThermiVa was a gentle and comfortable massage-like treatment that caused absolutely no discomfort for me. It was nice for me to guide the treatments by telling you to go up or down on the heat. No anesthesia, no zaps, no numbing creams to use.

My majora felt tighter and more snug, less bulgy and fatty, and much more comfortable in my jeans with less rubbing irritation.

Internally, my vaginal definitely feels tighter in thin the opening and down deep. My partner certainly noticed the tightening and better lubrication and he was a very happy camper. I noticed more wetness too and was surprised how much it was when I was aroused, a very pleasant surprise.

Getting to my orgasms took a shorter period of time, which was great. The orgasms felt amazing and quite different then my usual. It was better. It is hard to describe other than to say it felt really good. I am extremely happy with what I have experienced in ThermiVa Treatment #1. I will definitely tell others about this and will recommend it highly.”
-Patient AL8

“Trying to have intercourse without using external lubrication was out of the question due to discomfort for both of us and damper on the mood. I have not used any since my treatment. Definite improvement.”
-Patient DI14

“I did not tell my husband that I was getting it done. But he noticed that I was initiating intimacy more often. He finally just flat out asked what was going on. He is not so grumpy now.”
– Patient D112

“I don’t fake it anymore”
– Patient D117

“Vaginal tightening? Doc, you’re the man!”
– Husband of Patient D120